The Space Trade

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Book Review: Non-fiction Near Future

"The Space Trade and The Space Trade Update"

Described by the author, L. Paul Turner

Frankly, I was fed up with our lack of advancement in space. I felt the great unspoken desire of billions of people all over the world to see us take our place in the cosmos. I believe we must build and sustain economic prosperity in space, in order to achieve success, wealth, and the thriving community life we ardently seek every day. I feel we can succeed in space where governments have failed. So, I wrote the book to show us the way.

How do you develop a profitable space presence before the advent of low cost access to orbit, and free from the restrictive purse strings of government?

Some enterprising company will take these practical steps to universal riches from space resources. As a species, we can do this now without the snail's pace of governmental hegemony. "The Space Trade Update," describes the step-wise investment path to incentive driven space commerce. Learn how the orbital economy profits before the advent of low cost access to orbit.

I wrote the book primarily for space entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, trillionaires, billionaires, economists, and anyone interested in creating a spacefaring empire of the human variety. I show how to divide risk to enable private sector investment and ROI in orbit, and I explain how soon we can move to a sustainable space economy. The seminal work, The Space Trade, was four years in the making, and is replete with references and end notes. Along with The Space Trade Update, the original book develops a timeline, which describes the spaceship trading system in cosmic resources. Both books reveal how Earth is doomed to destruction unless we gain early warning of incoming missiles hurled at us from the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud. Low cost access to orbit would speed the entire process, it's true, so I explain a green, inexpensive way to get to space, developed by my good friend, John Powell of JP Aerospace.

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Book Review: Fiction

The livelier, Kirkus Review of Mistress Bloom

Five strange short stories.

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In the Garden of Mistress Bloom by Cle' Curbo

Cover design courtesy of Michael Wrigley.

This is Cle' Curbo's delightful first collection of short stories, whimsical and surreal. Walk in a garden on the other side of the galaxy, where an artichoke plant intimately connects with mother earth. The Garden buzzes with odd creatures, controlled by the Mistress, yet connected to forces too powerful to be considered good.

"The 19th Frustration," opens with an unlikely hero confounded by alien cultures in a shifting landscape of time and dimension.

All five stories are clearly fun sci-fi, although the final tale takes us to a fight against the sedative forces of retirement, and revives in us the demand to live young and prosper.

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